Setup bluetooth under ubuntu

This is how I made my Kensington PocketMouse bluetooth mouse work in my thinkpad X61.

1. Right click on the bluetooth icon (bluetooth manager) on the panel and select “Browse Device”.

2. Select the mouse and click “Connect”. You will get a error message saying something like “obex://[xx:xx:55:f9:xx:xx]” is not a valid location. Copy this addresss.

3. Open your favorite terminal and type sudo hidd –connect xx:xx:55:f9:xx:xx. Your bluetooth device should work fine now.

4. To make your mouse connected every time you start your computer. You need to do the following.

sudo pico /etc/default/bluetooth

change the following line




where XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX is the device address in step 2. Your mouse should work every time you start your ubuntu. 🙂

-Useful link


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