Fast calculation of integral image in matlab

After implementing a mex-files for calculating integral image in matlab, a friend of mine told me this can be easily done with the cumsum function in matlab.

intImage = cumsum(cumsum(double(img)),2);


9 Responses to Fast calculation of integral image in matlab

  1. Dan says:

    Hi, I have a question (if possible)
    Is there a work-around that allow us to calculate the integral image of an image just on the borders (a kind of frame – stripe)?
    For example, setting to zero all the pixel st ( k<=x<=H-k, k<=y<=W-k).

    Would this approach speed up the performances while preserving, for example, stitching algorithm functionalities?

    Many thanks

  2. mohsenam says:

    If I have understood your question correctly then I think it can be done quite easily by taking a mask lets say M. Set all the ‘boundary-strip’ pixels == 1
    and rest equal to zero in mask.
    img = mask.*img;
    then use the above
    intImage = cumsum(cumsum(double(img)),2);

  3. Andrew says:

    Any just-as-easy way to do the reverse?

  4. helboi says:

    Could this be extended in 3D. I would like to compute à 3D integral image

  5. malar says:

    how integral image increase the integral image will be calculated.

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  7. kris says:

    code is well … but what is the input and output of that program…pls give me one example or send me

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