3D mesh correspondence selection tool

This is a program that allows users to manually assign corresponding triangles between two triangular meshes. Currently it only supports triangular-only meshs. To compile the code, run make PROG=hw3c.

User has to first click on a triangle from the model on the left window and select its corresponding triangle from the model on the right. The index of corresponding facets will be stored. Press ‘w’ to save the correspondences into file “cr.txt”. You will have to backup the old cr.txt yourself.

User can rotate each model individually by moving the mouse and hold the right mouse button and zoom in/out by using the mouse wheel. If the mouse wheel is not responding, use key ‘z’ and ‘x’ to zoom in and out. Press ‘Esc’ to exit the program.

Source code can be downloaded here.

Screeshot of the program

Screeshot of the program


2 Responses to 3D mesh correspondence selection tool

  1. amira says:

    i want this code how to download it

  2. Lalit says:

    I have 3D points in text file.. I want to create the same mesh in MATLAB as you have created..
    So, have you done this in MATLAB or in any other software..?
    Have you written your own script, then please give it to me lalit.gecgnr@gmail.com

    This is my 3D coordinate text file..

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