Krusader – Linux ftp/sftp/scp GUI

Always has to google it when using SCP terminal command?

Krusader is a very powerful commander style GUI file manager for KDE and many other desktop managers such as GNOME. To install Krusader under ubuntu gusty, type
$> sudo apt-get install krusader

Click on the New Net Connection icon (see the figure below) to establish a connection. By default, it supports ftp connection only. To enable sftp and scp protocol supports, you have to install a plug-in. As usual, simply type
$> sudo apt-get install kdebase-kio-plugins

Click on the New Net Connection icon, the list should show 4 types of connection protocol now (ftp/sftp/fish(that’s SCP)/smb).



7 Responses to Krusader – Linux ftp/sftp/scp GUI

  1. Can masagi says:

    Thanks for the info… I have used Krusader for the long time, but I just known it….

  2. pitri says:

    thanks 4 information..

  3. pitri says:

    thanks for information..
    it’s usefull

  4. Martin says:

    Great! That helped me a lot 🙂

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